:: Welcome to Orange City Alloys Pvt Ltd // Leaders in Steel Castings ::
Manufacturing facilities :
  • Induction furnaces (Megatherm make).
  • Two Cruicables of 8 M.T. each.
  • Bottom pouring ladles.
  • Digital immersion pyrometers.

Equipped with modern facilities for
  • Green Sand.
  • CO2- Silicate sand.
  • No-bake sand.
Heat Treatment
  • Dual fired heat treatment furnace (max. temp - 1200° C).
  • Working size of furnace 3500x4500mm - 20 M.T. Capacity.
  • Four point temperature scanner for ensuring uniformity in temperature.
  • Cycles operated for Annealing, Normalizing, Quenching and tempering & stress relieving.

  • Water quenching tank of one lakh litres.
  • Double door type short blasting machine-ordered.
  • All facilities for gas cutting, grinding, fettling/finishing, gauging of castings.
Pattern / engineering
  • facilities available for manufacturing , storage & maintenance of wooden & metallic patterns.

  • Two Air Compressors of 60 CFM.
  • Various E.O.T. Cranes ranging from 50 M.T. to 10 M.T.
  • Mobile Cranes.
  • Various welding transformers, Rectifiers, Generators.

Chemical testing : Spectromax x - M High end CCD optical Emission Spectrometer with 24 channel supported by a fully equipped Wet analysis Laboratory.

Mechanical testing : Universal testing machine of 40 M.T. Capacity, Poldi hardness testers, Impact testing machines.

Metallographic Testing : Metallurgical Miscroscope and related accessories to examine macro and micro structures.

Sand Testing : Modern facilities to check sand strength, permeability, clay content, hardness etc.

Dimensional Inspection : Vernier Calipers, Outside Micrometers, Cylinder bore gauges, Height gauges etc.