Manufacturing Facilities

Foundry Division

Manufacturing Facilities

Induction furnaces (Electrotherm make).
Two Cruicables of 15 M.T. each.
Bottom pouring ladles.
Digital immersion pyrometers.


Equipped with modern facilities for

Green Sand.
CO2 - Silicate sand.
No-bake sand.

Heat Treatment

Dual fired heat treatment furnace (max. temp - 1200° C).
Working size of furnace 3500x4500mm - 30 M.T. Capacity.
Four point temperature scanner for ensuring uniformity in temperature.
Cycles operated for Annealing, Normalizing, Quenching and tempering & stress relieving.
Water quenching tank of one lakh litres.

Fettling / Finishing

Double door type shot blasting machine
All facilities for gas cutting, grinding, fettling / finishing of castings.

Pattern / Engineering

Facilities available for manufacturing, storage & maintenance of wooden & metallic patterns.


Two Air Compressors of 500 CFM.
Various E.O.T. Cranes ranging from 50 M.T. to 10 M.T.
Mobile Cranes.
Various welding transformers, Rectifiers, Generators.


Chemical testing -
Spectromax x - M High end CCD optical Emission Spectrometer with 24 channel supported by a fully equipped Wet analysis Laboratory.
Mechanical testing -
Universal testing machine of 40 M.T. Capacity, Poldi hardness testers, Impact testing machines.
Metallographic Testing -
Metallurgical Miscroscope and related accessories to examine macro and micro structures.
Sand Testing -
Modern facilities to check sand strength, permeability, clay content, hardness etc.
Dimensional Inspection -
Vernier Calipers, Outside Micrometers, Cylinder bore gauges, Height gauges etc.

Machining Facility

Horizontal boaring Machine - 125 mm spindle size and 1300mm X 1150mm X 1500 mm “H”
Planno Miller – 4M x 2M Sagar machine tools
Vertical Turning Lathe – Sahil alloys of 4.5Meter, 2Mtr height with DRO
Vertical Turnig Lathe – TOS -2.5Mtr , 1.6Mtr Height
Radial Drill up 80 mm.
Lathe 1000mm center height 18 feet
Lathe 800mm center height 14 feet
Lathe 750 mm center height 20 feet
Lathe 650 mm center height 14 feet

Mould Base Division

Double Column VMC - size X-3200,Y- 2200 mm & Z-1100mm
Double Column VMC - size X(axis)2600,Y-(axis) 1600 mm& Z-1100mm
VMC Machine of size X-1800mm, Y- 750 mm & Z-700mm.
VMC machine of X-1600,Y-900 & Z-800mm
VMC Machine of X-1050mm, Y-610 mm & Z-600
VMC Machine of X-800mm, Y--500 mm ,Z-500
HMC of Wotan X-2500,Y-2500 ,Z-1500 & W-1000mm Simens Control
HMC of Toshiba X-2000,Y-2000 ,Z-1500 & W-700mm Fanuc Control
HMC of Kuraki X-2500,Y-2500, Z -2000 &W – 700mm Fanuc Control
HBM of Dixy X-1200,Y-1000,Z-800 & W-600mm
Turning CNC – Spindle A2-8 Dia 450mm
WMW horizontal boring machine Spindle 110mm
Tos 90mm Horizontal boring machine
Surface Grinder – 6Nos
Cylindrical Grinder – 3Nos
Milling machine – 5 Nos
Lathe – 6 Nos
Tapping machine
Radial drilling with 80mm steel drilling capacity of KOLB make Germany
Overhead Crane Facility – Make Kone cranes 30/15MT